ABOUT GREEN BUILDING EXPO and CONFERENCE The    Green    Building    Expo    and    Conference    is    the    biggest gathering      of      international      companies      engaged      in      the promotion   of   sustainable   technologies,   services   and   products used in the construction sector. The   participation   in   the   Fair   will   increase   your   visibility   among the   most   successful   Investors   and   Real   Estate   companies   and among   the   best   architecture   and   design   companies   which   will offer immediate business opportunities. There   is   no   other   event   similar   to   the   Green   Building   Expo   that attracts   a   highly   professional   and   well-qualified   audience.   The best   multinational   Companies,   Institutions   and   Associations   in this   sector   participate   in   the   Green   Building   Expo   because   they recognize its value and importance.
GET IN TOUCH I f   you   are   interested   in   our   events   or   just   want   to   learn   more about what we do, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Green Building Expo & Conference  c/o ENERGO Kneza Milosa 53  11000 Beograd +381 (0)11 4088393  info@greenbuildingexpo.rs
MEET THE ORGANIZER Energo    organizer    of    the    Serbia    green    Building Expo      and      Conference      since      2012      is      an engineering              company       engaged       in       the sustainability   Field.   We   have   introduced   in   the Region    the    most    important    protocols    such    as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and WELL. Keep in touch with our Sales Team
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The Expo hall
Location The   Expo   Hall    has   featured   with   modern   look   and possibility    of    adaptation    to    our    needs,    like    no other hall that exists in Belgrade now. The   Expo   Hall   can   host   5,000   visitors,   more   than 40    exhibitors,    a    conference    room    and    the    cafe area;    it     is    completely    covered    with    electricity, phone    and    internet    installations    trough    media channels over the whole floor surface. Expo hall – technical details: Surface area: 2.500,00 m2 Ground surface: 3.519,63 m2 Dimensions: 36,80 x 68,70 m Ceiling height: 8,5 m Dimensions of cargo port: 2×4,5 m Dimensions of the main entrance: 2×2,5 m load on the floor: 2.000 kg/m2 Load on the ceiling: 1.800 kg.
Photo Gallery Expo 2016
Photo Gallery Expo 2013
Photo Gallery Expo 2012
Letís roll for sustainability
Facts and Figures 2012-2013-2016
2016 Opening Cerimony
Mrs. Zorana Mihailovic Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction H.E. Mr. Kyle R. Scott U.S. Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Mr. Giuseppe Manzo Italian Ambassador to Serbia
H.E. Mr. Kirby R. Scott U.S. Ambassador to Serbia
2013 Opening Cerimony
Mr. Oliver Dulic Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning 
2012 Opening Cerimony
Aleksandra Angelova angelova@greenbuildingexpo.rs Katarina Koljensic koljensic@greenbuildingexpo.rs
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