ABOUT GREEN BUILDING EXPO and CONFERENCE The    Green    Building    Expo    and    Conference    is    the    biggest gathering      of      international      companies      engaged      in      the promotion   of   sustainable   technologies,   services   and   products used in the construction sector. The   participation   in   the   Fair   will   increase   your   visibility   among the   most   successful   Investors   and   Real   Estate   companies   and among   the   best   architecture   and   design   companies   which   will offer immediate business opportunities. There   is   no   other   event   similar   to   the   Green   Building   Expo   that attracts   a   highly   professional   and   well-qualified   audience.   The best   multinational   Companies,   Institutions   and   Associations   in this   sector   participate   in   the   Green   Building   Expo   because   they recognize its value and importance.
GET IN TOUCH I f   you   are   interested   in   our   events   or   just   want   to   learn   more about what we do, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Green Building Expo & Conference  c/o ENERGO Kneza Milosa 53  11000 Beograd +381 (0)11 4088393  info@greenbuildingexpo.rs
MEET THE ORGANIZER Energo    organizer    of    the    Serbia    green    Building Expo      and      Conference      since      2012      is      an engineering              company       engaged       in       the sustainability   Field.   We   have   introduced   in   the Region    the    most    important    protocols    such    as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and WELL. Keep in touch with our Sales Team
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Conference The   Green   Building   Expo   and   Conference   is   the most     important     event     in     South-East     Europe dedicated    to    the    sustainable    building    industry. Only     by     attending     the     presentations     of     our speakers,     you     will     discover     rigorous     scientific journeys     through     the     technologies     associated with Green Buildings. The   most   famous   international   speakers   will   be guests   during   three   days   of   the   Green   Building Expo   and   Conference   and   they   will   offer   you   the opportunity   to   learn   about   the   latest   innovations in    technologies    and    on    the    market    of    “green” buildings. The   Green   Building   Conference   will   focus   on   all aspects     of     green     design,     construction,     and operation        maintenance        leading        to        high performance buildings. Best     practices,     hi     performance     products     and project     models     that     result     in     more     efficient methods     of     designing     sustainability     are     the protagonist. The   Conference   provides   a   extraordinary   building science      and      technology      knowledge      on      the principles and tendences of green building. You'll   learn   about   these   practices   from   speakers with an extensive “hands on “experience.
Worksops During   the   Conference   within   the   Fair,   you   can   also participate   in   training   courses   held   by   professionals with   great   references   who   will   share   with   you   their extensive   experience   in   the   field   of   the   most   famous international    building    certification    protocols    (LEED, BREEAM,     DGNB,     WELL,     etc.).Do     not     miss     the opportunity      to      make      contact      with      the      best architecture,         engineering         and         construction companies   and   with   professionals   from   around   the world. This   is   a   unique   opportunity   to   participate   directly   in the sustainable construction market.
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